Directions to Castlelaw and Fala Knowe
For winds: NW, W, SW.

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Car Park Castlelaw Hill Fala Knowe
NT 230 637 NT 224 648 NT 225 654

This site us used as an MOD firing range. If the flags are displayed flying is only permitted at Fala Knowe. If no flags are displayed then the whole of Castlelaw Hill may be used.
1) Leaving Edinburgh, follow the A702 until the sign for Castlelaw Hill Fort on the right. Be careful, the sign is almost directly across from the turnoff. When you reach Easter Howgate, slow down and start watching, its just round a Z-bend.
2) Follow the road up to the car park by the fort and park. If you arrive at the usuall times, you may see some other folks with planes getting ready.
3) Follow the path through the gate on foot. The path to take is the more heavily traveled dirt path. You'll walk right along the fence of the MOD range. Be sure to stay outside the fence line, especially if the red flags are flying.
4) Walk for about 20 minutes, around the side of Castlelaw Hill. Both sites are approximately 1 mile from the car park.
5) Once you reach the backside of Castlelaw Hill, you'll need to choose which site to fly.

If the flags are displayed on Castlelaw (on the summit to your left), carry on straight ahead about two hundered yards to Fala Knowe and fly on the ridge to the left. You may be able to see planes flying straight ahead of you at this point.

6) If there are no flags take the fork to the left up to the top of Castlelaw for West winds.
7) For South West winds, after reaching the peak of Castlelaw, continue down the ridge until overlooking Glencorse reservoir. There is a 10 foot metal pole here (just to the left of center in the picture) where we usually can be found.