Directions to Hillend and Caerketton Hill
For winds: N, NE, E, SE, S.

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Car Park Hillend Caerketton Hill
NT 244 667 NT 245 662 NT 237 661

1) Leaving Edinburgh on the A702, turn off to the right to the Hillend Ski Centre, just by the bus turn around.

Go up to the Hillend Ski Centre car park.

2) Follow the path from the car park up to the left until about level with the top of the ski slope.
3) For North and East winds, turn left and fly overlooking the city of Edinburgh.
4) For South winds, continue up to the top of the Careketton Hill and fly from the south slope. You'll find a small quarry that provides shelter from the wind. The view includes our other flying site Castlelaw.