The Forth Valley Soarers
Flying Sites

Our regular club flying day is Sunday mornings meeting at either Castlelaw, Hillend or Harlaw car parks around 10:30. We also fly on Saturday or during the week on holidays.

The location depends on wind direction. Visitors are always welcome. We can be contacted by e-mail.

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Site Wind Directions Car Park Slope
Castlelaw Hill NW, W, SW N5551'39" W313'56" N5552'10" W314'33"
Fala Knowe W, SW N5551'39" W313'56"
N5552'34" W314'24"
Hillend N, NE, E, SE, S N5553'16" W312'34"
N5552'59" W312'27"
Harbour Hill W, NW N5552'33" W318'35"
N5552'30" W316'16"

The Pentland Hills south of Edinburgh

Map Castlelaw is used as an army firing range, stay out of the danger area marked by the fence and red flags.

While the red flags are displayed do not go up Castlelaw Hill; use Fala Knowe instead.